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- 6 days with time for reflection, transformation and tranquility 

Do you want to join a retreat, where you will open up into your own inner wisdom with shaking, sharing and caring. We will do everything in line with nature's cycle and our hearts.

Danakilde Retreat center is one of Denmark's most beautiful natural areas and the meals is delicious homemade organic, and vegetarian made with love. The rooms and cabins are amazing and mostly placed in AMAZING nature around Danakilde which is located in the most beautiful nature surrounded by forest, lakes, streams and horses, shelters and old Viking monuments.


The retreat is for you who want to let go of old traumas and patterns, with no need to go into stories. You will be a part of a kind and loving community, where the group dynamics of sharing og listening from the heart, shaking meditation, meditation, mantras music, bonfire, sauna and wilderness bath are part of the retreat. The program also invites everyone to enjoy the beautiful nature, and to have moments in silence with nature to restore and contemplate. We also train to participate in non judging and heart to heart sharing circles.  

We will during the retreat join natures unique cycle and resonate with all of its power and  beauty. You will discover new inner space and connections with your true self. It's important that you wish to a to participate when we shake together. You will always be invited to listen deeply and to follow your own personal pace , which suits only you and your body. No need to fix yourself or others or do something in a certain way. The most important thing is to be yourself exactly as you are - with what is and meet yourself there. The healing process happens completely naturally free from storys when we shake. 


Alcohol is not allowed as it can remove you from the process into transformation. ​


Your healthy boundaries will become clearer in you and easier to set. You will find your inner loving "yes please" and "no thank you". ​ When we shake, mental and physical blockages will be set free -   If we shake deeply which is possibly on a retreat, old traumas and even karmic blockages from previous lives can melt away.  You create new energetic and healing vibrations when you shake. 


Your amazing body knows exactly how to lets go of both physical and mental blockages when you shake.

A retreat offers you a special opportunity to let go of more than what's on the surface. Along the process you will experience the light in you shine brighter and begin to feel a deep joy rising. ​ Where there was darkness before, we lovingly and acceptingly open up to frozen and stocked bodies, beliefs and stories.

The retreat opens up into your own inner joy and courage to walk and live aligned  with your heart.


Feel free to contact me to find out more, so you can more easily decide if the retreat is for you. ​ ​ ​ ​

Dates: 22. July – 27. July 2024

Arrival 10.00-13.00 o'clock on Monday 22. july

Departure kl. 14.00-15.00 o'clock on Friday 27. july

Transportation: There are busses to a station nearby, there will be arranged pickup for those who will arrive with public transportation.

Price: 5.800,- kr. all meals are included, 6 days program with forrestsauna and wilderness tub, sleepover not included.

EARLYBIRD kr. 5.100,- by registration and payment before 21. May 2024

2 or 3 men's rooms kr. 275,- per accommodation per person - 5 overnight stays kr. 1.375,-

Single room kr. 450,- per. night – 5 nights kr. 2.500,-


2 persons in double bed  kr: 300,- per. accommodation per person – 5 overnight stays kr. 1.500,-

1 person kr. 500,- per. accommodation – 5 overnight stays kr. 2.500,-


2-3 men's shelter  250,- per. accommodation per person - 5 overnight stays  kr. 1.250,00

NOTE: Booking of a room or cabin takes place as registrations are received

Accommodation is paid for and booked on Danakilde tlf:  Rebecca 2259 2412 eller Thorsten 2028 6678

Registration and payment for retreat early bird before 21. May 2024


CLICK HERE FOR NORMAL PRICE - from 22. May when the early bird has expired

- or text/tel: 28591875, remember to write your choice of accommodation - your place is only secured when your payment has gone through. Accommodation is paid for and booked at Danakilde.

There are 26 places available.

Location: Danakilde, Rørbækvej 13, 7323 Give

Joy Light and Love


Who is Dorthe Broeng:

I am a woman in my prime age, full of good humor and a lot of life and pratical experience in helping people in finding their inner ressources. I insist on that we humans are meant to heal our karma and do more than just surviving. I am completely crazy about shaking and spreading shaking meditation, it's a unique method for creating joy and meaning in life. ​ I am a trained psychotherapist, family and group therapist and specialized in trauma treatment and have worked for nearly 30 years with helping people, with trauma, grief and crises. I teach meditation, yoga and shaking meditation as well as communication. I have a clinic in Vejle where I practice as a therapist.

I am co-owner of the Danish Mindfulness Academy, where we, among other things, educate mindfulness consultants, holds retreats and courses for private and companies with our koncept Mind Your Leading. I have 25 years own practice with meditation. 

I started shaking on a stay in Bali in 2017, where I had a longer stay at the ashram under Ratu Bagus. I was at that time burned out and was secondarily traumatized during my work as a trauma therapist at a trauma center. I quickly discovered that shaking was "my way", I have since then westernized shaking meditation, so that it is adapted to our Western culture. I have offered various groups and events with shaking meditation on my 5th year.


 I can't even describe how much I'm looking forward to being a guide and facilitator for 6 days together with those of you, who choose to have an unforgettable life experience, as I once had myself.


I believe it is important to have a safe environment and clarity, for some to be able to relax and go through the process. I have some very skilled and experienced assistants Pia Buhl and Jens Kristian Graversen who will assist making sure everything runs smoothly. ​ So pay attention to your inner voice - ask if you have reached a point in life, where you need and are ready to choose yourself? Ready to  be authentic and learn to honor and love being with every cell of yourself? If so, please join in or contact me and get som help to decide if the retreat is right for you. ​I am VERY excited. ​ ​

With love,

Dorthe Broeng

Danish Mindfulness Academy 

Dorthe Broeng Mental Sundhed

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